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IRL, Rise is a close second 😜

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Websites are hard to maintain,
resumes are bleh. Build a professional
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You call the shots with 100% creative
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Create your profile naturally with
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personality...all 💅, no 😰

We’re shaking
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people seem
to dig it.

Here’s what they’re saying

There were tons of resources claiming they could help me change careers but none of them actually did. With Rise, I have a personal cheerleader guiding me in how to truly stand out.

Lauren H. Career Changer

Finally! I’m not sitting there spamming people all day. I love that the candidates. I meet on Rise are familiar with our company and are excited to chat.

Moriah N. Senior Recruiter

It’s like LinkedIn, but not douchey.

Jillian S. Content Writer & Editor

Job searching is hard, and I was seriously burnt out. I started to message other members and hiring mangers to learn about companies, roles and career advice. I no longer feel alone and I’m building confidence every day.

Cat W. Rising Star

It felt so cringe to share and self-promote on social media, but I don’t feel the same way on Rise. The community feels like I’m at a friend’s dinner party!

Ezra F. Creative Lead

Honestly, I don’t even login to LinkedIn any more 🙈 The companies and jobs on Rise are exciting and their events have been legitimately fun.

Julia S. Rising Professional

Networking, but
not awkward 👀

Loved your portfolio on climate change, Jimmy! Could I share it with my team at work?
Sure, thanks for the kind words! Happy to do a talk on my process too!
That would be amazing! Let's schedule a time to make this happen...

A community that
gets you

Connect with supportive peers, mentors
and companies through
real, authentic
conversations. Meaningful relationships,
no fluff
or corporate jargon here.

Second opinion
Tell us what’s up

Looking for a second opinion, want feedback, or need a sounding board?
Find people who are in it with you

Lots of ways to
give and get

Share wins and advice with Icebreaker Questions, Polls, Missions, and more.

No jargon
allergic to...

Say goodbye to noisy forums and embellished posts. A place to be real, without all the competition.

Tell us what’s up

Looking for a second opinion, want
feedback, or need a sounding board?
Find people who are in it with you.

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Connect with
companies and
dream job 🤩


Companies that
you places 🎉

Build your own ladder and
boost your career

Looking for
standout talent?

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shakers on Rise


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Get featured in blogs,
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